Five Things to Avoid in a Job Interview

Five Things to Avoid in a Job InterviewYour resume and cover letter have landed you a job interview. Congratulations!
Now you just have to go in there, maintain a positive attitude, answer questions and show them how great you are, right? Well…not exactly.
Many people write good resumes and cover letters. The samples provided on Free Resume Samples are an example of the high-quality employers seek.

Where most people make unforgivable mistakes is during the interview…and those mistakes do not get them the job.

Here are five things you must avoid during a job interview to increase your chances of landing your dream job.

1. Don’t be late.

Showing up late to an interview makes an employer think that you are disorganized, can’t keep appointments, and you’ll be a potential problem as an employee.

They simply won’t hire you.

The day of your interview, leave home early and arrive 10-15 minute before the interview. You can use that time to relax or just get a “feel” for the place.

2. Tell No Lies.

We all like to put out best foot forward. In a job interview you really want to shine. Just make sure the light you are shining is really your own.

Have you ever been caught in a lie and find you need to lie again to cover it up? Well, that’s the nature of lies.

Each requires another lie to cover it up. Sooner or later, you will be discovered.
Keep to the truth. That doesn’t mean revealing everything. Just be your polished, professional, positive self.

3. Don’t Dress for the Beach

For many organizations, business casual is the daily dress code.

However, our personal definitions of “casual” can give a potential employer pause to question whether you understand the business part.

Remember, your goal during an interview is to present your professional self.
If you are a man, lose the earrings or other personal expressions of yourself. A suit is always appropriate for an interview or a suit jacket and neat, wrinkle-free slacks and a button-down shirt in neutral colors.

Sturdy shoes are what employers want to see, not sandals or flip flops.
If you are a woman, the assets you want potential employers to see are your job skills. Be modest. A blouse and skirt are always appropriate.

If you choose to wear a dress, think classic shirtdress. Leave sundresses for the beach.

4. Don’t Mumble

Part of having good communication skills is being able to express yourself clearly.

You want to convey your strengths as assets and your weaknesses as challenges you are eager to face. If you fail to be articulate, you will lose your chance.

So, how can you be certain that you are articulate? Confidence comes from:

  • Practicing talking about yourself
  • Researching the organization so you know what services they provide and to whom
  • Reviewing your resume

5. Resist the urge to ask about money

The reason we work is to make money to live. Every employer knows this.
Good interviewers will ask you about the salary you are seeking once they see you are worth hiring.

If you raise issues about money and other benefits – especially at the beginning of the interview – you may block your employer from seeing your true worth.

When you come to the end of the interview, and the interviewer did not talk about compensation, it’s okay to ask about salary when he or she asks you “are there any questions you have for me?”